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GABNeuron Class Reference

Neuron for Gain Adaptive BP. More...

#include <GABNeuron.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GABNeuron (int label, real initialParameter=1.0, bool hasBias=true)
 Creates a simple neuron with the given label.

virtual const char * getClassName ()
 Returns "GABNeuron".

Detailed Description

Neuron for Gain Adaptive BP.

status: not finished. But I don't want to remove it because it needs just a little bit work if someone needs it. It can speedup the BP.

This neuron modifies learning parameter lambda given equation:

l_tmp = labda ??? - co je teda OLD??? l_new += l_tmp -edx + a(l_tmp - l_old)

(e - eta, a - alpha d - delta, x - ??? )

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GABNeuron int  label,
real  initialParameter = 1.0,
bool  hasBias = true

Creates a simple neuron with the given label.

label The label to be given to the neuron
hasBias true if the neuron is allowed to have a bias, false otherwise. Default is true
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Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* getClassName  )  [virtual]

Returns "GABNeuron".

Reimplemented from ParametrizedNeuron.

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