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InputNeuron Class Reference

Input neurons are slightly special. More...

#include <InputNeuron.h>

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Public Member Functions

 InputNeuron (int label)
 Creates an input neuron with the given label.

void setValue (real value)
 Sets the input.

virtual operator std::string () const
 A description of the input.

virtual const char * getClassName () const
 For reflection.

Detailed Description

Input neurons are slightly special.

They don't really do much, just implement the Neuron interface so that other neurons can create Links to these. Input neurons allow you to set their output. The activation and output of these neurons is the same and equal to the value set.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InputNeuron int  label  ) 

Creates an input neuron with the given label.

label The label to be given to the input

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* getClassName  )  const [virtual]

For reflection.


Implements Neuron.

virtual operator std::string  )  const [virtual]

A description of the input.

Useful for debugging.

A descriptive string. This is just for possible debugging, isn't of much other value

Reimplemented from Neuron.

void setValue real  value  ) 

Sets the input.

The result of getOutput() and getActivation() will be this value.

value The input value this neuron is associated with

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