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Vector Class Reference

#include <Vector.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BLUB_TYPE (size_type)
 BLUB_TYPE (iterator)
 BLUB_TYPE (const_iterator)
 Vector ()
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 Vector (uint items, real values)
 filled constructor

 Vector (const Vector &src)
 Vector (size_type size)
Vectoroperator= (const Vector &v)
size_type size () const
void reserve (size_type s)
void resize (size_type s)
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
realoperator[] (uint i)
const realoperator[] (uint i) const
void clear ()
void push_back (const real &x)
real magnitude () const
 more sugar here...

void normalize ()
Vector operator- (const Vector &v) const
Vector operator+ (const Vector &v) const
Vectoroperator+= (const Vector &v)
Vector subset (uint start=0) const
Vector subset (uint start, uint size=0) const
void setAll (real val)
 set all elements to val

void null ()
 set all elements to 0

Vectorappend (const Vector &v)
 Insert contents of another vector at the end of this one.

void setMore (const Vector &v, uint startIndex=0)
 Will be resized if necessary.

void clamp (real min, real max)
 all elements will be clamped to the given interval (inclusive)

Vectoroperator *= (const real r)

Vector operator * (const real r) const
Vector operator+ (const real r) const
Vectoroperator+= (const real r)
real distance (const Vector &to) const
 operator std::string () const
 example: "(1.4,4.4,4.5)"

void toStream (std::ostream &s) const

Static Public Member Functions

Vector fromInts (std::vector< int > iv)
Vector fromInts (uint size, int *data)

Static Public Attributes

const Vector ZOID

Protected Member Functions

template<class InputIterator>  Vector (InputIterator f, InputIterator t)


bool operator== (const Vector &o1, const Vector &o2)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Vector  )  [inline]

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Vector uint  items,
real  values

filled constructor

Vector const Vector src  )  [inline]

Vector size_type  size  )  [inline]

Here is the call graph for this function:

Vector InputIterator  f,
InputIterator  t
[inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

Vector& append const Vector v  ) 

Insert contents of another vector at the end of this one.

reference to self

const_iterator begin  )  const [inline]

iterator begin  )  [inline]

BLUB_TYPE const_iterator   ) 

BLUB_TYPE iterator   ) 

BLUB_TYPE size_type   ) 

void clamp real  min,
real  max

all elements will be clamped to the given interval (inclusive)

void clear  )  [inline]

real distance const Vector to  )  const

const_iterator end  )  const [inline]

Vector fromInts uint  size,
int *  data

Vector fromInts std::vector< int >  iv  )  [static]

real magnitude  )  const

more sugar here...

void normalize  ) 

void null  )  [inline]

set all elements to 0

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Vector operator * const real  r  )  const

Vector& operator *= const real  r  ) 


operator std::string  )  const

example: "(1.4,4.4,4.5)"

Vector operator+ const real  r  )  const

Vector operator+ const Vector v  )  const

Vector& operator+= const real  r  ) 

Vector& operator+= const Vector v  ) 

Vector operator- const Vector v  )  const

Vector& operator= const Vector v  )  [inline]

const real& operator[] uint  i  )  const [inline]

real& operator[] uint  i  )  [inline]

void push_back const real x  )  [inline]

void reserve size_type  s  )  [inline]

void resize size_type  s  )  [inline]

void setAll real  val  ) 

set all elements to val

void setMore const Vector v,
uint  startIndex = 0

Will be resized if necessary.

size_type size  )  const [inline]

Vector subset uint  start,
uint  size = 0

Vector subset uint  start = 0  )  const [inline]

Here is the call graph for this function:

void toStream std::ostream &  s  )  const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator== const Vector o1,
const Vector o2

Member Data Documentation

const Vector ZOID [static]

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