annie - Artificial Neural Network Library

NEW - beta releases (See "What's New")
(Jun 18, 2004).

Annie is an artificial neural network library for C++. Versions exist for both Windows and flavours of Unix (tested on Linux). The library currently has support for training, saving and executing multi-layer perceptron, radial-basis-function, kohonen maps, Hopfield and general recurrent Networks. Along with a library, also included are some example applications and binary utilities to help you construct training sets, train the network, visualise etc.

In addition to this, annie also interfaces with Matlab's Neural Network toolbox (see January 13, 2003 in What's New), which allows you to create and train networks in Matlab and then export them to a format understood by the annie library. This gives you the ability to use the features of Matlab's Neural Network Toolbox to create the best network and then use this network in your C++ application.

annie is open-source and is project on sourceforge. You can visit the project website at

Last modified: Jun 18, 2004